Beyond the edge of light

I have loved you

To the edge of light.

Stood at the precipice,

Starring at the depth of infinity

Where the great emptiness looms,

And souls wander

In the greatness of its wasteland.


In that moment,

Where the light bends

And times stops,

The continuum of love is one,

Eternity is but a fraction of ether

And the air is a melody.

There I lay my head,

Upon the pillow

Of the goddess of love

And wept the dryness of my tears,

Washing away the sins of my surrender.

Looking down,

Upon the valley of lost men,

Again I saw the shadow and the light

The salt & the sugar,

The water and the oil,


In a painting so perfect

That no plenitude of words

Can ever capture,

Not even beyond the edge of light.


Empty is finally dead

The emptiness inside
The broken Hallelujah,
A leaf fallen from its tree,
Hope, lost from the eyes
Of the naked child

Lying bare,
Raped of her dignity
Robbed of her innocence,
Silently trying to hide
The shame
And drape her wound,
Hide it from the world.
Why, I ask.
Why must her tears
Wash the stains of blood
From the uniform cobblestones
That line up the street?
Must her soul
Be the sacrificial lamb
That cleanses all darkness
And heals all wounds?
Starring into infinity
Gazing into the absolute
Invaded by thoughts
Of deliverance,
The time is ripe
To bring change
Back to life

To issue the forals of freedom
And proclaim
To the depths of the Earth
And the infinite of the Heavens
That the Light has won
That empty is no more
And all is now filled
With the eternal and endless
Of love.

9h04, 8 Feb 2013, Starbucks Orchard

This Star in my hand

Here I stand
With a star in my hand,

It’s faded and worn
Weary, tired and torn,

Still in its beautiful yellow
A deep intense mellow,

Lying so gently on my palm,
In the grace of its calm.

So I’ll forgive you for thinking,
When you saw it sinking,

That this star was my own
But it is simply not known,

That mine it was not –
Though it seems all forgot.

It was but there for me
On a moment happy and free,

Moment shared, moment given
All forgotten, all forgiven.

All yours

Because you’ve sought to quench my thirst,
Before you quenched yours
Because you gave yourself onto me
And asked for nothing in return,
Because in the depth of your despair
You loved me and wished me well
Because you’ve stood by the test of time
And embraced my soul as I have yours
Because time is not, but love is eternal
Because the truth is simple, clear and powerful
And nothing can defeat it,
I’m yours,
All yours,
Only yours,
And forever.

In a hurry

I’m in a hurry to see you,
Aching to come close
And touch you,
Kiss your velvet skin,
As the pearls
Of sweet salty ocean
Gently streak down.
You emerge out of the water
And the moon
Graces our sky
I find diamonds in your eye,
The passion of a thousand suns
Coming to be
Upon the plenitude
Of you and me.

Seventh Heaven

In between the stars
Lies a space with no scars,
A tempo truly infinito,
The sun shinning with no end
And silence,
A music you can hear.
The whisper of her wings
Fluttering in the air,
The warmth of the sun’s rays
Gentle and delicate,
As the butterfly swings
From flower to breeze,
Dusk to dawn, with ease
And the angels from above
Come and gather around
To celebrate the plenitude
The platitude
The solitude
And infinite perfectitude,
Of a meaningful existence:
A place where the soul
Outstrips matter,
And the meaning of eternity
Is a moment frozen in time in space,
Where the depth of your eyes
And the meaning of the words
You don’t need to say
Is captured in the love
We shared today,
Because tomorrow,
Belongs to neither of us.

Down the stairs

Walking down the stairs,
The subway full
And the thought of you
Lingering in the air,
I see you there,
From behind
With your long dark hair
But as she turns
I realize its not you
Just some stranger
On the rush hour train
To the middle of nowhere.
Just another moment
Where the solitude of missing you
Crept from my heart
Into my mind
And my eyes…