Loss of innocence

Loss of Innocence

Tonight I lost my innocence
In the valley of temptation.
My feet wounded
From the thorny ground,
My soul battered
From the crying sound.
Looking up from this place
In the valley of the fallen,
I see the dispair of their solitude,
And yet also feel their fortitude.
They take my hand,
For I too have tripped,
They, who have nothing
Give me the most,
And they who have all,
Have nothing to give me.
How poor the man
Who has so much,
That he has too little
To give.
A shooting star across the sky
An angel in guise, or maybe why
A heavenly butterfly,
Singing praise to the innocence of the fallen.
Here I stand now, amidst you,
Bleeding from the thorns,
Upon the soles
Of my bare feet,
Hurt by my greed,
Wounded by lust,
I have no one,
I call to trust.
Yet in this moment
Of sheer dispair,
You hold my hand,
My hurt laid bare,
You heal my wounds
With your love,
You heal my heart
With your forgiveness.


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